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Cold summer afternoon

Finally, the pics are now ready! Hahaha! This is it!!!

My favorite! :D

Next post, pictures from the party! YEY! :D

-jai ★

Behind the scene

So.. sobrang fashionably late na naman ako! Haha! Photoshoot ulit ang ganap. Usong-uso daw kasi sa mga nagdedebut yung mga ganun.. :)

We chose Memory Lane Tagaytay to be our destination. You should check out that place. Very 70s home lang ang peg dun!

Jai Legaspi- Stylist/Fashion blogger (Walang kontrabida, vlag ko ‘to! HAHAHA!)

"The fashion team" stylists, model coaches, mga echosera. PAK!

"The Photographer" :)

Ang mga ever supportive fans/friends..

"The debutant" Sorry. hindi pa kasi na-upload yung mga final pics during the shoot. :(

Si Kahlil :”) Pumopose din ang bagets! Pagbigyan, cute naman siya!!

-jai ★


So last night was Gabi ng Parangal (Awards night) that I was telling you about. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of what I was wearing.. :( But I wore my blue lace dress and paired it with boots & a LOT of accessories!!! ;>

Back to the awards.. And best film..


Team Matthew’s masterpiece. :)

Well our film, “Kulang ma’y di kulang”, won 2nd place. And my younger version also won as Best Child Actress! Cheers to Sofia! :)

At ang pinaka-PLANGAK, BONGGELS, BAKLANG-BAKLANG ganap na nangyari sa’kin nung gabi na yun….

HAHAHAHAHA! Kalokaaa! XD To God be the glory & ALL praises! :) :) :)

-jai ★

Short-SHORT films

Miss me? It’s been almost a month since my last post. Been busy with so many activities like “Everything must go” bazaar, DVCS, Debut, Shopping, at marami pang happenings! :D But lately, ito talaga pinagka-busyhan ng lola niyo..

April is our church anniversary month. :) And the activity for the 36th year is a short-SHORT film competition. So the objective is to make a 5-minute silent film. Oh diba, challenge talaga!! Kalurke! Pero infernes, it’s a fun experience. :>

So para plangak na talaga, may mga posters pa!

Team Matthew

Team Mark

Team Luke

Team John

Credits to Ptr.Arnel’s blog..

April 29- Gabi ng Parangal. Very Cinemalaya lang ang peg! Hahaha!

To God be the glory & ALL praises! :)



Say no to Discrimination! 

Be yourself & stand proud! Everyone is a God’s gift! :)

(Source: theinsider.com)


She’s alive, but she’s a runner,
she runs from everything she knows.

She’s alive, but she’s a liar,
she knows the way to go.

And maybe that’s alright,
to let her find her way back home,
but when it isn’t too bright,
I’ll bring the fight alone. 

She will change, but she has got to play first,
the games of love and secret choices.

And she’ll go too far, she doesn’t know it yet,
and I will be there to guide her.

And maybe that’s alright,
to let her find her way back home,
but when it isn’t too bright,
I’ll bring the fight alone.

Time, time, time again,
she brings home bruises and quick peruses,
she knows how much it hurts me.
But she’ll be back on her feet,
she brings her courage, turns another page. 

And maybe that’s alright,
to let her find her way back home,
but when it isn’t too bright,
I’ll bring the fight alone.

She knows that I’ll be here,
and I will never, ever leave,
even if she begs…

She’s alive, now she’s my winner,
She’s got everything I need. 

(via hooksandheroics)

"It is good to do good."

NAKAKAASAR! Kung kailan tapos na kong magtype for this post, tapos biglang nabura LAHAT!!! Ayun, NGANGA! :O hfeuyuiwyudhvbcbyagfryueqy -_-

I know this is not related to fashion but I just want to share to you my experience. Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I was using Anne, my phone. :D Yun yung namesung niya! Hahaha!

The other day our church had a feeding program at a public school just near by. We served Goto ofcourse with chicken at ang secret ingredient.. MALUNGGAY! Oha! Para daw healthy. Parang tinola lang, pak! Haha! Infernes, sobrang sarap. Credits to the chef, tita Henia. :)

It’s so heart warming to see that you can help those kids. And their smiles were priceless! <3

Happy blessed Wednesday everyone! :))

-jai ★

We’re talking about business!

Soon to be business partners..

'Cause girls just wanna have fun! :D

Shoes - both from Payless ShoeSource

She was the one who thought of starting a fashion business. Nakwento niya lang sa’kin na gusto niya. And I quickly said "Gusto ko rin niyan! Bet ko yan! I wanna join you!!!" :D So yun, churchmates turned to best of friends turned to sisters and soon to be BUSINESS PARTNERS! Oha! BONGGAAAA!

Follow her, Ms. Gianne Lantano, on twitter. :)

-jai ★